This Little Piggy Went On A Parade


Many knitters might have experienced this in the past. Although it seems like it is a sedentary and safe activity, knitting and stitching is actually a very dangerous hobby. I wasn’t sure — Am not sure whether it was a proper word for it, but my wrist started to feel tingly and knuckles began to feel sore. I decided to take a day off.


My husband lent me his wrist support. I am not sure that it even fits him, but it supported my wrist perfectly

As it happened, we actually had a plan to go to Norwich Pride 2015. We missed the last two prides, and I was not happy about it. So after we (I) dressed up, we go to Chapelfield garden to join the parade. Hubby wasn’t sure, but I — using the mind controlling superpower only wives have — dragged him to the parade without him even knowing what was happening.


I am not tall enough to get a better view of how packed the garden was

The parade went well. Some protesters were seen but ignored accordingly. We have dancers and Nando’s chicken to add to the festivities.


Nandos chicken was tirelessly greeting friendly people of Norwich that showed up


Samba band and dancers made everybody want to join in the groove


Even our police officers were quite happy joining the celebrations — waving their rainbow version of Norfolk Constabulary flag.

What a day… Of course we went home with a little bit more than just sore feet. Friends from Royal College of Nursing gave us rainbow bracelet and whistle.







This Little Piggy Took On A Strawberry Challenge

What is a Strawberry Challenge, you would ask me. Well, my friends… when you are bored like me, you would start making challenges for yourself just to make sure that your day goes a little bit more exciting than the day before.

My husband and I were off to our local corner shop because we needed bread and milk. As usual, we never managed to go and get ONLY the stuff that we needed. I saw strawberries on offer, and priced 56p a punnet. I investigated and quietly poked some berries from outside the plastic packaging, they were still firm and looked fresh. I took two boxes, and got a nod of agreement from my husband.


Found a super bargain from a local corner shop, 56p a punnet.

The next day, I just realised that we ended up with almost a kilogram of strawberry. I decided that none of these beautiful ruby red bunch of sweetness should not go to waste. I thought, it would be a good idea to think about it while having my breakfast.

Of course I had strawberries for breakfast.


strawberries, greek yogurt, rolled oat, mixed seed (sunflower, pumpkin, and pinenuts), with drizzles of honey

I washed and drained the strawberries to see how many of them were about to go off, and surprisingly there weren’t too many. But I separated the very ripe ones and made a really nice strawberry jam with it. Not much, because I don’t have a proper jam jar, so I just put it in a pot and refrigerate it. My husband loves jam, so I don’t think it would last long there.


Fresh and tasty strawberry jam. Bet you a fiver it will be finished in 3 days.

But we still have plenty of strawberries, so I googled some recipes on the net, and saw one which I could easily do with the ingredients I have at home. I always believe that the best homemade food is one that involves the least ingredients and the most creativity.


Strawberry Tart. There’s no need to explain how heavenly good this is…

I don’t usually like fruit tart. The idea of cooked fruit is not really appealing for me. But this one was really good. Not only that I know that I have used the fresh strawberry, but also knowing that the whole process was hygienic. My husband could not get his hands off this tasty treat.

This Little Piggy Finished A PHD

Actually, it was a Project Half Done. How I wish it was an actual post graduate degree. But… Nope. It’s a lovely cross stitch project that was halted for awhile.


so close but so far. i learned that the best way to finish a PHD is to postpone it until it looks new again…

It was a nice project to start with, but I was slowly falling out of love with it as mistakes happened. Frogging was not fun at all, and the project which should be therapeutic, became somewhat frustrating. 

When I picked it up again two days ago, I worked on it with a new pair of eyes. It was so much easier, and I could see the big picture again — instead of hanging on the mistakes I made. I was so excited when I finally finished the cross stitching part.


was elated when the cross stitching was done. can’t wait for a new project…

Backstitching was new to me. Many stitchers I knew (online) don’t like this job. I suspect it was because it is the last spurt before the finish, or because it is tedious for some people. But my, what a difference it has made.


after back stitching, you could see the details and it makes the whole difference

Now it’s washed and soon be framed. It will be a great wall decoration for my kitchen, don’t you think?

x ❤ x

This Little Piggy And Nature

My husband was once a ranger in a country park. He likes to tell me how beautiful nature is, and how he enjoyed being outdoor. I was never an outdoor person, I knit and stitch in the comfort of sofa and radio play. 

But yesterday we decided to use up the holiday for a day trip to Whitlingham Country Park, where my hubby worked before.


quack quack quack quack quack quack quack

It was beautiful! The broad sparkled under a sligtly cloudy warm day. Ducks, geese, and swans took their time swimming around. The wind was not too ferocious, and there were not too many visitors (maybe because it was a Wednesday). 

My husband suggested we took a walk around the broad. 


it is quite an adventure, walking in to the unknown green world…

Just like what you expected from summer season, the grass was green, flowers blooming, and then…


Suddenly I was reminded why I hate being outdoor. It made my skin crawled when I heard buzz near my ear, or felt something just casually landed in my hair. My husband being an ex ranger thought I was silly. 

He kept telling me that those little creepers are not dangerous. I knew that already. 

So we did not finish a circle and just turned around and walk back. But not after I took some photos while screaming like a girl (eh?). 


there’s a bee. that’s the closest i could go. not risking my life to get a better picture, i am not a war journalist


blue dragonflies mating. felt like a pervert taking photos of something having a sexy time in the park.

Those are for my instagram, I told my hubby.

x ❤ x

This Little Piggy Learned A New Trick 

I have seen people knitting sleeves two at a time. It seems simple enough, but Inhave learned from experience that what seems simple in youtube tutorial could be a bloody complicated task in practice. 

However, as usual, I was bored and I did need a challenge. So I watched the tutorial once more, and started with my sleeves. 


oh well… challenge’s accepted!

Casting on is piece of piss. Counting them needed more concentration. Having a notebook or doodle paper is always handy. 

After ribbing, and a few rows, I finally mastered the technique of knitting them without getting both yarns all tangled up.


so far so good…

I have to say that I don’t really fancy doing two things at once. I found multitasking very confusing. But the row counter in the end of my needles was a godsend so that I could do knitting without being bothered with counting. 

Even so, I have to say that for knitting sleeves it is much better to do two at a time. It will make sure both will end up exactly the same, and in a similar tension. 


tadaa… wait, was that one stretched more than the other?

Now I have to sew them together. I hate sewing 😦 

x ❤ x

This Little Piggy (And Hubby) Went To The Seaside

Woop woop…

Guess who went to Cromer today? 


yes we are going to the coast this summer!!

Hubby is having two weeks holiday, but he has spent the first week recuperating. So last night I asked him if he wanted to go to the sea, he agreed. 

Luckily Cromer and Sheringham is only over an hour away from Norwich. It means we don’t really need to carefully plan and book everything becauae we could just have a day out. 


walking along the beach and admiring the beach huts. why don’t we have more colour like this in the city?

Since it’s Monday, it was not as packed as we expected. It was a perfect day – it was sunny and a bit of light cloud, the wind was quite strong but was warm. Not too many children, but enough puppies around for me to oogle at.

I was having a great day although we lost the whole £1.60 on the coin pusher in the arcade.


miserable girl, £1.60 poorer after gambling all the donut money on coin pusher. luckily I could crochet my own shrug. at least i am not going home buttnaked.

Oh well. 

We had fun. 

Happy summer holiday everybody.

x ❤ x

This Little Piggy Had A Breakfast, and A Second One…

I am not an early riser, but when I get up early, I always feel a bit peckish. I can say that I am more a breakfast person than a dinner person. Some people need a while after they wake up in the morning, before scoffing themselves with food, I don’t.


yogurt, banana, oat , poppy seed and honey

I seriously can’t find anything wrong with having a healthy breakfast. It’s wholesome. It fixes hunger quickly. It’s nutritious. And contrary to popular beliefs, healthy food can be tasty too.

But waking up early means there are a big gap between breakfast and lunch. So — without really trying to be hobbitty, I decided to have a second breakfast. Or brunch. Or elevensie. 

With mini size of Full English. 


bacon, sausage, egg, tomato, mushroom, black pudding, bean

The problem with Full English is that even if it’s “mini” it is still huge. I don’t mind — obviously, with fry up, but I’d rather half the portion my husband was having. 

And opt out the toast. 

You know what? This is surely going to be a wonderful day. 

x ❤ x