This Little Piggy Doesn’t Know How To Block

Finally, I finished the back and the front. For me it’s half the battle done. And now I want to do what I have never done before.


It is quite terrifying to do it because I don’t want to end up messing with the finished garment. For my 10 years of knitting, I never block and I was alright, why should I change it now?

So I rummaged through piles of books and open my knitting know how book. Well it did not say that, but this is one hell of a knitting bible. Love The Knitting Book. I think it is relevant for knitters of all levels.


when in doubt…


.. And start reading. *mumble mumble* Geez that’s a lot of efforts, not doing that. Not doing that either *mumble some more*

You know what? Why don’t I just lay them out flat in the carpet. It should do it.

that should do it… for now :/

Maybe next time I will have the courage to do it properly >_<

x ❤ x


6 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Doesn’t Know How To Block

  1. megmme says:

    I love blocking! If you don’t want to full wet block, steam blocking does a great job. Just lay I out like you did and puff at it with your steam iron held a couple of inches away.

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      • megmme says:

        Acrylic is always risky–I probably wouldn’t steam it in that case! Maybe wet block? You are probably just fine not blocking it though–it looks like it isn’t curling or in need of shaping before seaming.

        Liked by 1 person

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