This Little Piggy Had A Breakfast, and A Second One…

I am not an early riser, but when I get up early, I always feel a bit peckish. I can say that I am more a breakfast person than a dinner person. Some people need a while after they wake up in the morning, before scoffing themselves with food, I don’t.


yogurt, banana, oat , poppy seed and honey

I seriously can’t find anything wrong with having a healthy breakfast. It’s wholesome. It fixes hunger quickly. It’s nutritious. And contrary to popular beliefs, healthy food can be tasty too.

But waking up early means there are a big gap between breakfast and lunch. So — without really trying to be hobbitty, I decided to have a second breakfast. Or brunch. Or elevensie. 

With mini size of Full English. 


bacon, sausage, egg, tomato, mushroom, black pudding, bean

The problem with Full English is that even if it’s “mini” it is still huge. I don’t mind — obviously, with fry up, but I’d rather half the portion my husband was having. 

And opt out the toast. 

You know what? This is surely going to be a wonderful day. 

x ❤ x

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