This Little Piggy And Nature

My husband was once a ranger in a country park. He likes to tell me how beautiful nature is, and how he enjoyed being outdoor. I was never an outdoor person, I knit and stitch in the comfort of sofa and radio play. 

But yesterday we decided to use up the holiday for a day trip to Whitlingham Country Park, where my hubby worked before.


quack quack quack quack quack quack quack

It was beautiful! The broad sparkled under a sligtly cloudy warm day. Ducks, geese, and swans took their time swimming around. The wind was not too ferocious, and there were not too many visitors (maybe because it was a Wednesday). 

My husband suggested we took a walk around the broad. 


it is quite an adventure, walking in to the unknown green world…

Just like what you expected from summer season, the grass was green, flowers blooming, and then…


Suddenly I was reminded why I hate being outdoor. It made my skin crawled when I heard buzz near my ear, or felt something just casually landed in my hair. My husband being an ex ranger thought I was silly. 

He kept telling me that those little creepers are not dangerous. I knew that already. 

So we did not finish a circle and just turned around and walk back. But not after I took some photos while screaming like a girl (eh?). 


there’s a bee. that’s the closest i could go. not risking my life to get a better picture, i am not a war journalist


blue dragonflies mating. felt like a pervert taking photos of something having a sexy time in the park.

Those are for my instagram, I told my hubby.

x ❤ x


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