This Little Piggy Finished A PHD

Actually, it was a Project Half Done. How I wish it was an actual post graduate degree. But… Nope. It’s a lovely cross stitch project that was halted for awhile.


so close but so far. i learned that the best way to finish a PHD is to postpone it until it looks new again…

It was a nice project to start with, but I was slowly falling out of love with it as mistakes happened. Frogging was not fun at all, and the project which should be therapeutic, became somewhat frustrating. 

When I picked it up again two days ago, I worked on it with a new pair of eyes. It was so much easier, and I could see the big picture again — instead of hanging on the mistakes I made. I was so excited when I finally finished the cross stitching part.


was elated when the cross stitching was done. can’t wait for a new project…

Backstitching was new to me. Many stitchers I knew (online) don’t like this job. I suspect it was because it is the last spurt before the finish, or because it is tedious for some people. But my, what a difference it has made.


after back stitching, you could see the details and it makes the whole difference

Now it’s washed and soon be framed. It will be a great wall decoration for my kitchen, don’t you think?

x ā¤ x

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