This Little Piggy Went On A Parade


Many knitters might have experienced this in the past. Although it seems like it is a sedentary and safe activity, knitting and stitching is actually a very dangerous hobby. I wasn’t sure — Am not sure whether it was a proper word for it, but my wrist started to feel tingly and knuckles began to feel sore. I decided to take a day off.


My husband lent me his wrist support. I am not sure that it even fits him, but it supported my wrist perfectly

As it happened, we actually had a plan to go to Norwich Pride 2015. We missed the last two prides, and I was not happy about it. So after we (I) dressed up, we go to Chapelfield garden to join the parade. Hubby wasn’t sure, but I — using the mind controlling superpower only wives have — dragged him to the parade without him even knowing what was happening.


I am not tall enough to get a better view of how packed the garden was

The parade went well. Some protesters were seen but ignored accordingly. We have dancers and Nando’s chicken to add to the festivities.


Nandos chicken was tirelessly greeting friendly people of Norwich that showed up


Samba band and dancers made everybody want to join in the groove


Even our police officers were quite happy joining the celebrations — waving their rainbow version of Norfolk Constabulary flag.

What a day… Of course we went home with a little bit more than just sore feet. Friends from Royal College of Nursing gave us rainbow bracelet and whistle.







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