This Little Piggy Sews

Well… Not as neat as I want, but it’s not as bad as I expected. 

Remember my purple jumper project? I thought it’s time to stop moping about how bad my sewing skill is, and crack on with joining the pieces together. I decided to join them with mattress stitch. 

I haven’t done it before, but internet is a tutorial wonderland. In no time, I have started stitching.


it started really slow because k1p1 ribbing is a bigger to work with

I had to rip it and do it over for many times. Not good, because the yarn started to fray and stick together. Must remember not to do anything tricky with this kind of yarn in the future. 

it definitely takes longer time to sew, but love the result


Many people recommend mattress stitch to join the garment pieces together because of the seamless finish look. It works incredibly well with stockinette stitch. It takes longer to sew them, but I am happy with the result.


even the sleeves look flawless

The hardest part was always joining up the sleeves and the body. But with the same method it so much neater in result. 

 Last step in finishing this jumper is picking and ribbing the neckline. And once it’s ready for a show, I’ll let you know.



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