This Little Piggy Made A Basket

I made a basket before, but my problem was always the rigidity of it. I was a noob though, I did not know that to get the stiffness I want, all I need to do was to pick smaller hook, or double the thickness of the yarn.

Duh! That’s easy. 

looking good and rigid enough to hold some weight…

 So I started with the base. I used 3 dk yarn (or 4 ply– can’t remember now), and crocheted it with 5mm hook. The yarn was recycled from old and tatty scarves. 
It took longer than what I expected. I thought that bulking the yarn means speeding up the process. Well… It does, but since it is really tight and stiff, it hurts my fingers.

I wonder if this happened to other crocheters. 

However, after a week. Yeah, I am slow… We’ve got ourselves a nice looking yarn basket. 

I mean… Yarn yarn basket…  

X ❤ x


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