This Little Piggy Is Having A Big Dilemma

Not so long time ago, my knit and crochet group on facebook posted a link to a free elephant amigurumi pattern. They called it Olivier. 

It looked cute, and I decided that if some of the members there could make one, I should do too…

trunk looked promising…

I have to say that compared to pattern, this one is more difficult to follow. I am not crazy about the over simplified method. And although they never asked for magic ring, I did magic ring anyway. Because I can.

Other than magic ring and eyes, I don’t do any other changes to original pattern.

it’s always nice when your amigurumi starts to take shape

I was a bit anxious when I finished the body part. Thing is, I was using leftover yarn, and I wasn’t sure it would be enough to finish four legs, two ears and a tail.

And I was right. Once I crocheted all legs there’s no yarn left. I do have other type of yarn but you know what I was talking about…


in the end of the day, I ended up with an eyeless, earless, and tailless elephant…

So I am now in a big dilemma. I kind of like this elephant now, and I definitely like this paton fab yarn. My options are: redo the elephant with new yarn or run to the closest hobby craft to get a ball of that particularly pretty yarn. 

I am broke and I am unemployed. But I like crochet. I think by that definition: I am doomed.



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