This Little Piggy Is A New Fan…

Of…. Haruki Murakami.

Yes. I might be twenty years too late, but I just finished reading Norwegian Wood, and I love it!

I think this is the new cover for this book…

I have heard about this book and this author for ages, but of course with a pile of books I wanted to read, I did not think of moving this book to the top of the to-read list. But then, on our usual weekend walk to Anglia Square, I found this book at Barnardo’s charity shop.

This is an honest admission. My husband and I are big fans of Barnardo’s charity shop at Anglia Square. They have the largest range of books on their shelves and it is heaven to be surrounded by books. Some of the books even looked new when we got it from them. We are getting closer and closer to building our little home library.


Okay… this is just two of our four bookshelves. I have catalogued the books alphabetically for the fictions… these are A – N

Anyway… back to Norwegian Wood.

This is such a great book. I can’t believe that this book was written only a couple of years after I was born. The story is still so relevant to the nowadays society, showing how modern this guy was when he wrote this novel.

My book is in English, of course, because I could not read in Japanese language (not yet!!). It makes me wonder, if I read this book in its original language, would it be better? I mean, knowing how language works, I believe that there are some things which would be lost in translation. Although I am satisfied with what I read, I wish I would be able to read it how the author really wrote it. Am I weird?

Anyway, the story was narrated by a man named Toru Watanabe. The story was about his life when he was in her early 20’s. This main character was really lovely. It is hard not to like him. In fact, it is hard not to like all the characters in this book, even ones who were portrayed as womanising bastard.


This is the version that I found in the shop… looking a bit tatty in the outside, but it just shows how this book has been read so many times…

I have to say that by the way it was written, I wouldn’t realise how deep the story has affected me. It got me thinking, and it got me thinking hard about the story. I have been talking about the book to my husband many times, but I don’t think he’s that interested. I would make him read the first three chapters, and see how he’s not hooked… muhahaha.


Anyway, I am now obviously in the hunt for more Murakami books. Wish me luck!!


6 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Is A New Fan…

  1. CheesyJ says:

    Glad to see that you loved Norwegian Wood. I do have to warn you that is forms the exception rather than the rule to what of his other works are like. The style if writing will be pretty much the same, but the stories will differ drastically. I recommend you read the Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki as it’s the title which probably resembles Norwegian wood the most. Great post and happy reading!

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  2. Hey! I was searching for some good movies to watch on one site and suddenly Norwegian wood the movie appeared on my screen. When I decided to search it on google, I found out there was a book and the movie is based on it. I am the kind of person who tries not to kill my fantasy and first read books and then watch movies, so I tried my best not to watch it. 😁 And then somehow I forgot that I needed to buy that book. Blame it on this life’s crazy speed rhythm or the busy days of the 21st century… Anyway, your post reminded me that I planned to read it and this is why I want to say thank you. Hope I like this book as much as you did and I wish you luck about Murakami books. :)))

    Liked by 1 person

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