This Little Piggy Is Learning British Food

Few years ago I had a job as a content manager for one of a culinary websites in Indonesia. The start up website did not take off, but I discovered a whole new world of food and cooking. And I love it.

Food has been a part of our culture in Indonesia. Simple thing is, if you greet someone for a meeting the first thing you said after a hello is: have you eaten anything? How weird is that?

When I moved to the UK, I thought British food is just chips and full english (fry up!!). Full English Breakfast is good. I love it. My husband loves it. We even had it for last bank holiday weekend. It’s just… you can’t have it everyday (Or can you….?)


My husband likes to have two of everything. The plate is not big enough for two spoonful of baked beans. Mine? I’d like to have half what he has… *shudder*

But after meeting my father in law and his wife, I realised that British food is more than fry ups. They also have Sunday roast and pies. I also learned that there’s a reason why The Great British Bake Off is such a biggie… because British desserts are just so heavenly. So I thought, of course the best way to learn how to BE British, is to EAT like a Brits.

I started to cook and bake… My husband never complained, obviously.


Pie and Mash was such a success

Some food like meat pie, mash potato or apple crumble are quite obviously British. But I am not sure where quiche is from (it sounds French but it’s basically egg pie, isn’t it?)


Vegetable quiche — “Where are the meats?” protested my husband

And blueberries… I don’t know that blueberries were not native to this country. But I love blueberries, don’t you?


Blueberry Pie — It was big but gone in two days…


Apple Crumble — quick family favourite… Gone faster than the prep and cooking time -_-

Wait… so British food is actually fry ups and pies?


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