This Little Piggy Starts A Project 

I haven’t done so many crafty stuff lately. I was a bit busy being an incidental tour guide for my aunt and uncle, as they visited Norwich last week. I am glad to announce that mg secret project for my sister’s wedding is finished, and now I am doing a new–not secret– cross stitch job.

I have to apologise in advance. I bought this cross stitch kit months ago. At that time, I was a total noob and I thought it’s better to start cheap by buying kits from Chinese seller from eBay. 

It WAS cheap.

What I did not realise is that the seller copied someone else’s design and did not credit the original designer. I did not know this until much later when I saw the exactly same design, but much more expensive, done by one of the members of a group on facebook.

So yes, I apologise.

Thing is, I could not have known, that was my first time buying a kit. How do I know where and how to cross check the originality of the design?

But I have bought this, and binning this kit is just not logical — so I am going to go on with this project. The only thing I could do in the future is not to buy from that seller again, and check and cross check for future purchase. 

Oh well. 


2 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Starts A Project 

  1. eadouglas says:

    Oh that’s such a bummer! Who would’ve known people are involved in cross stitch scams? My guess is buying from a reputable source – like an online stitching store? Or etsy? – would keep you in the clear.

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    • I know! Should have remembered why my Mum said: if an offer sounds too good to be true, it usually is… But now I have learned my lessons, and found some legitimate websites giving out free original patterns so that anyone could make their own kit. Sounds less risky (while keeping cost low).

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