This Little Piggy Found Bargain Stuff

One of the best (or probably the worst) thing of joining crafty groups on Facebook is that you find like minded people. Problem is, that these people are addicts just like I am, and these groups don’t help.

Imagine an AA or shopaholic support group meeting. Someone comes forward and showed everybody a bottle of vodka or a designer bag, they’ve got 70% off. And the whole group of addicts would start asking where they could get it too, and rush to that shop in fifth gear.

Yes. That’s how Crochet/Knitting/Cross Stitch groups work.

So… when one of the girls who happen to live in Norwich told the group that QD is celebrating 30 years anniversary by having offers on their crafty section (read: yarn), I dragged my husband to go there to buy me some.


tried my best not to look too happy

I bought 9 balls of yarn, but I think I would have to go back there again tomorrow as… OBVIOUSLY, I need more. Graaah….

After yarn shopping, we went to charity shops. I don’t know why but I found going to charity shops relaxing. I don’t have to buy anything, but even if I buy something it did not feel as guilty as spending at normal shops. Maybe the fact that I know the money would be used to help other people makes it so much better.

Barnardo’s at Anglia Square is one of our favourite. We love its book section, and regularly buy their books to add to our little library. But this time, there’s something unusually wonderful showed up at their counter…


how muuuccchh?

Yes. A bunch of cotton perle threads (size 5, if you need to know). And only for 25p. It makes me feel bad for not buying the whole lot from the basket. I took one of each colour, and end up with 14 skeins. I asked permission from the shopkeeper to take picture so that I could help advertise.

And I did.

I paid it forward the kindness I found at my Knitting and Crochet group which told me to go to QD to get the cheap yarns to my Cross Stitch group. And it makes me very happy and content knowing that at least two people are planning to go there to… donate some of their money at this charity shop.

Anyway… I couldn’t write too much. There are plenty of WIP to do.

See you later

x ❤ x


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