This Little Piggy Is Back

I am back!!

Sheesh… How long since the last time I posted anything?

Obviously, I have got a very reasonable justification for my long absence. I went back to Indonesia for my sister’s wedding. Yay!!

I have to admit that it’s a bit of bittersweet seeing her now married. But of course, overall I am so happy that she has found someone who she could nag the rest of her life. Good luck my new brother in law…

Oh… right. The reason why I haven’t posted a thing since ages ago is that… First, I was busy helping around. On my wedding day, it was my sister who was the one helping out. I thought it would be just right to return the favour. Second, there’s no stable enough internet connection (wi-fi) in our house. Well, there is, but I would have to sit on the living room without the air conditioner (do you know how hot it was in Indonesia? 40 degree Celsius). Yes of course I could blog with my phone, but it will take longer to finish a post (and I was busy, remember?).

The wedding was a success. Everybody was happy, and my sister was sooo incredibly pretty, and I am so proud seeing her walked the aisle. Gosh, I am a bit teary even to think about that. Anyway, I should end this soon, by showing you what I’ve made for her. Have been keeping it as a secret for weeks because I wanted to make this as a surprise. And a surprise it was…

Heh heh… so proud of this. I modify the pattern a bit, so I could fit in the writing on it. I think it fits quite well. Tee hee.

Anyway… It’s getting a bit late here, so I would just go and have some (more) beauty sleep. See you later…

x ❤ x


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