This Little Piggy Has Got An Eyeful

Just few days before my departure to Indonesia, a package arrived through my front door. Obviously, since my husband has got no online shopping addiction, it was a package for me. It was they dolls eyes I ordered some times ago. Just the right time to complete the gifts for little ones in Indonesia.

I still don’t like kids, but who appreciates cute dolls more than kids? Apparently adults like them as well as kids. How surprising. I went to Indonesia with 8 dolls, I came back to Norwich with none. Nobody paid me nothing 😦


Big and little piggy went to one of my nieces and her (other) aunt…



the bride got this posh bear


my youngest sister got the polar bear, while the mousy looking bear went to one of my cousins who was only 3yo

Oh look at them. Their eyes obviously has changed their appearance a lot. I have made some special bears I tried to design myself, and quite proud of how it finished. Happy that they’ve got their new homes now. I suppose I could go on and start a new little amigurumi family.

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