This Little Piggy


Right… My cross stitch has shown a little bit of progress. Please don’t slag me off because I KNOW that this is not from the original DMC pattern. I did not know when I bought that from e-bay because I was very much a noob when I bought this. But I won’t chug it away because I paid for it too. Yes, I will be more careful next time.


I haven’t been very active lately, and to be honest with you I wasn’t doing anything much either. The top photo is how my project looks like when I left it for Indonesia a month ago, and the bottom photo is how it looks now. I need to stop slacking, and finish this so that I can move on.


Back to the real world, I was shocked when I heard about what happened to Paris. I was having a late night, replying to my e-penpal (yes I am doing e-penpaling now, YAY) while listening to the radio when I heard about it. My husband and I were horrified, and instantly thought of our friend, a lovely French lady who lives here in Norwich.

I want to send our sympathy, to France, to Paris, and especially to people who are affected by this horrible horrible terrorist attack. I believe that the French strength and perseverance would show them how violence force wouldn’t break the French spirit.

Vive La France.

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