Dieses kleine Piggy lernt Deutsche

I have been trying to learn German since the beginning of this year, but for some reason it was really difficult. Until last month, all I can say in German were just random words like “ja”, “nein”, “bitte”, and a bit of greetings. Until someone told me about this amazing website to learn language called Duolingo.

I am not trying to promote or anything, I am not even get paid for doing this. But I think this website is quite wonderful. I have been there for two weeks, and now I can do this:

“Ja. Danke, Piggy. Die Suppe schmeck so gut. Ist es Bacon? Und… Ich trinke Wein, bitte”

How was that for two weeks? Basically I am thanking Piggy for a tasty soup and wonder if it was bacon. I also asked for a glass of wine, and I even said please. And no, I did not open any dictionary when I did that, so apologies if I made a spelling or grammatical errors (please correct me if I did).

Of course learning language needs perseverance and discipline. I tried to do at least an hour a day, consist of learning one new subject and reviewing the subjects I have learned in the past. It is now getting harder to memorise everything as the vocabulary grows. Aber… Alle ist gut. Ich lerne gern Deustch, und Ich bin froh dass ich lerne Deustch. (now I am not sure if that’s even a legit composition…)

Anyway… Tschüss 🙂


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