This Little Piggy Is Flying

So I travelled back to my home country in Indonesia. I know some of you might have heard about the bombing and the gun attacks in our capital city in Jakarta, but I have witnessed it myself that Jakarta is now safe.

Police officers and also our community are now very vigilant. But we don’t want to show fear, because that’s what the terrorists would want from us. Fear. And that’s exactly what we are not giving them.

We are safe.

But I am now in my hometown, and will stay a bit longer until just after Chinese New Year. I have missed the celebration several times now and I am not planning on missing some more.

Are you celebrating it?


Little Piggy’s Pastry Madness: Cheese Twist

I like cheese twist. I like it enough that I can tell you that Sainbury’s cheese twist is nice, but the one from co-op tastes better (unfortunately they almost always out of stock). Aldi’s is okay but is the cheapest, but like co-op I rarely see them in stock. 

So I thought.. Would it be cheaper if I make them myself?

The answer is yes. 

Not only it is cheaper but you can also control what you put inside it. For example… I reduced the salt in the pastry and I got to choose the cheese in it. 

Found the recipe in allrecipe, and I have to say that this is probably one of our family’s favourite now.  

I have made these three times now, and each one I tweaked a bit. Some tweaks worked and some didn’t. 

For example, I usually used half and half butter and lard for pie crust, but for cheese twist it didn’t work as well. It seems it burnt faster, it gave a distinctive smell which took away the cheesy flavour, and the sticks became more fragile. 

But… We love these twistsy sticks. Whenever I made this it never lasted more than 24 hours. My husband brought it to work, and his boss ate the lot. 

Might have to make some more tomorrow I think 

This Little Piggy and Pastry Madness

I love food. I love eating it, and I love making it. I found my passion for cooking in early 2012 and baking in the beginning of 2015, and most of the time I could eat whatever I made. Of course I screwed some of the recipes, some worked really well with tweaks.

But pastry…

Pastry seems like coming from different realm. Especially when you’re talking about these: sweet pastry, flaky pastry, rough puff pastry and puff pastry. To be honest, I don’t want to go anywhere near puff pastry for now, as I just started learning pastry since few months ago.

It started with pie crusts with flaky pastry. You might remember my humble quiche and pies? That’s kind of easy because I didn’t roll my pastry. All I did was pressing the flaky pastry dough to the tin. Somehow I had this reluctance to use rolling pin.

You can see as the result it looked slightly “rustic”. My father in law would hate it because of the lack of professionalism in it.

Flaky pastry is probably the easiest. I found that once you have mastered the rubbing technique, it is just a piece of pie 😀 What I consider as one of the most revolutionary inventions in the pastry business is… pastry blender. That thing looks savage and scary, but having that in your kitchen would make rubbing much much easier.


Sweet pastry, like the one in that strawberry bakewell tart is not too difficult either. From the recipe that I had, I think sweet pastry is like flake pastry, but it uses eggs to bind the dough, and sugar. Texture wise, sweet pastry is not as crumbly as flaky pastry. Of course, that if I have been doing it right all these time lol.

One problem with pastries is that the time spent to use to prepare and make it, plus the cooking time and washing up time is always more than the time spent to eat the whole lot 😦

x ❤ x

This Little Piggy Wishes You A Happy New Year

Yes yes yes…

I am sorry for being so late, but it was quite a busy time of the year. I know it is not an excuse, but it’s not everyday that my husband could get a long holiday, so I would like to spend the most of it. I will make up for it later, but now…

I would like to wish everybody a happy new year. I hope you had a great celebration, and a wonderful year ahead.

May next year bring us more and more knitting and crocheting inspiration, delicious new recipes to try, interesting hard to put down books to read, and incredible mind boggling movies to watch. May next year means more places to visit, more friends to meet, and a great adventure to go on.


May next year brings us more bears and more Cumberbatch…

Frohes Neues Jahr…