Little Piggy’s Pastry Madness: Cheese Twist

I like cheese twist. I like it enough that I can tell you that Sainbury’s cheese twist is nice, but the one from co-op tastes better (unfortunately they almost always out of stock). Aldi’s is okay but is the cheapest, but like co-op I rarely see them in stock. 

So I thought.. Would it be cheaper if I make them myself?

The answer is yes. 

Not only it is cheaper but you can also control what you put inside it. For example… I reduced the salt in the pastry and I got to choose the cheese in it. 

Found the recipe in allrecipe, and I have to say that this is probably one of our family’s favourite now.  

I have made these three times now, and each one I tweaked a bit. Some tweaks worked and some didn’t. 

For example, I usually used half and half butter and lard for pie crust, but for cheese twist it didn’t work as well. It seems it burnt faster, it gave a distinctive smell which took away the cheesy flavour, and the sticks became more fragile. 

But… We love these twistsy sticks. Whenever I made this it never lasted more than 24 hours. My husband brought it to work, and his boss ate the lot. 

Might have to make some more tomorrow I think 


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