This Little Piggy’s Baable Hat

Gosh… I finally caught up on this Baable Hat craze. Being in Indonesia for a month, and away from my stash certainly made me slightly outdated. So, I have decided that my first project this year should be the Baable Hat.

What is Baable Hat really? Well it is the official 2015 wool week pattern made by Donna Smith. It is an incredibly cute pattern and you can get it for free from the website and also from ravelry, and there is no way I don’t knit that one.

It seems a bit daunting for me to start this project though. I did make hats in the past, so I was quite familiar with how DPN works — it is no longer too awkward working with 4 needles (I might want to buy one in sets of 5).


However, the idea of doing the fair-isle-ish technique is a little bit worrying me. I have tried that before and it did not end up well since I was knitting the hat too tightly. So tension is the focus in this project.


It is going well so far, isn’t it? It was not too difficult at all. I can already see the cuteness radiating from the project. I can feel that it is getting thick and warm inside too because of the excess yarn from the pattern. I just hope the “one size for all” would work for my husband.


Oh well… it takes three days for me to make this one. It does look alright, and I have tried it in my own head and it fits. I think my husband has a bigger hat that I do, so we’ll see about it later…



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