This Little Piggy Apologised in Advance

Why do I apologise in advance? Well… if you read this, you will find why…

I had so much fun making that Baable hat. Serious fun. No joke.

So much fun that I decided to make the second Baa-ble hat, with different colour. Yes, I have plenty of DK yarn lying around our living room after the yarn sale on QD’s birthday last September. Better make something of it before I buy more yarn.


I told my husband that since the first Baable hat was made in dark brown and dark blue yarn, I think I should make the second one with the lighter colour. I mean, if my husband and I are going to wear it at the same time, it would look as if we are wearing the “day” and “night” version.

“Sometimes, I am so amazed with my own overwhelmingly fantastic idea,” I said, replied only with my husband’s rolling eyes.


Just like magic… the second Baable hat appears.

Oh wait… Baable hat is supposed to have little fluffy ball on top of it. I just realised that in my previous entry, I did not put the photo of one with the bobble on it. So here we go… the reason why I apologised in advance.

I have to say that I am not a really big fan of selfies. I mean… selfies. Some selfies are alright, I don’t want to generalise. I do selfies once in a while, mainly because I always think that photos taken by other people are not good enough — some people really don’t have a sense of artistry. But most of the time, selfies are just… horrible. Now — remember that I have apologised in advance — I am going to do something that I despise myself. Posting a horrible selfie.

In my defence, I am only doing this so that people could see how the baable hat would look like when it is worn by real people — side by side. So bear with this for once, OK?


For the sake of humanity, I cropped our face. I don’t want to accidentally traumatise anyone who stumbled upon this blog. But here they are. Couple’s Baable hat, with “night” and “day” version.





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