This Little Piggy’s Chinese New Year

It is a bit late to talk about it, I know. But I was busy, so I did not have time to talk about my Chinese New Year when I visited Indonesia three weeks ago. Yes… I came back to Indonesia just for this. So, it is only proper if I talk about it.

Chinese New Year is never be the same again now that I am married. Yes, I am talking about the annual income called the hongbao or red envelope. In Chinese New Year’s day parents or the elders would distribute red envelope with money inside of it. Every year since I was a child I always receive tons of them from my parents, and relatives — and save the money in the bank. I love the red envelopes.

However it has to stop.

When someone is married, they are now considered as adults. See, when a person is not married in our culture, they are still considered as their parents’s children. However when they are married they are no longer attached to their parents and become adults. Some of them see this as the turning point from the hongbao receiver to the hongbao giver.

Me? No, I did not give money to kids. Not now. And probably not ever. My excuse for being a complete dick is that my husband don’t celebrate CNY :p Not a real reason, actually… I would love him to celebrate CNY just for this:


My only CNY happiness now rely solely on our CNY eve’s dinner.

Every year, my grandmother always make an open house dinner party. She would cook lots of really tasty Chinese food. Some are even traditional to our family heritage such as: Mei Cai Kou Rou — a very labour intensive steamed braised pork belly.


Of course, I love other food as well. I had to restrain myself from overeating. It took a really strong willpower not to fight with my siblings over a slice of goodness my grandmother made? Talking about my grandmother, I think it is time for her to hand me down the recipes of these food.

img_0035   img_0028   img_0039

Maybe one day?

x ❤ x


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