Little Piggy’s WIP Fling

I am not really good at this am I? The sporadic posting, the jumping from one project to the other. I thought I would be able t finish the cross stitch before doing something else. But then, not only my wrist got a little bit sore, I also got extremely bored with the slow progress.


It has to wait. I don’t want to push too much, and like the last time would injure my wrist.

Yes… I am still dealing with frogging every now and then. I know… I know, count twice, stitch once. But I have counted so many times and yet I still made mistakes. I blame it to my astigmatism.

So, I decided to stop for awhile, at least until my wrist gets better, or I stop feeling bored. Whichever one happens first.


Instead of finishing my cross stitch, I made another pair of socks. The same pattern with the one I made earlier but different colour. I don’t think my husband could have too many socks. I wonder if one day could be as proficient in making socks as other bloggers I am following.

I have to say, I am quite enjoying this socks making thing. I think I might as well go to ravelry again to get some more beginner’s patterns.

Socks for summer, for example?


The finished product. I forgot to take photo, until my husband wore it, and refused to take it off for me -_-‘

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