Little Piggy’s Bargain Hunting


As much as I want to, I didn’t participate in any of the show. I was talking about going to charity shops with my husband and finding some really good bargain (at least according to me). Talking about charity shop…

I have to say that these shops are brilliant. We don’t have things like this in Indonesia and I believe we should! It is just a wonderful way to help as many people as possible, while including as many people as possible. 1) People who have money could just donate money. 2) People who don’t have money could donate while recycling their old stuff. 3) People who are poor could get cheap stuff, while at the same time donating.

I think charity shop is the solution.

Well.. Feeling charitable, I bought these:


And, another one that I have already opened for my next little project. Socks, using straight needles. I suppose it must have been stored somewhere for ages as it has a “dusty” kind of smell (dustmites?) that has triggered my allergies. Been sniffling all weekends 😦


I have to say that I have never used wool as thin as this is. It also feels a little bit wiry and scruffy. I am not sure if it would still feel like that after it is knitted and probably washed, but for now… well… I am glad I am not making a top or jumper with it. Being said that, I think it is a nice yarn to handle, easy on my needles as well.


Hm… Knitting socks using straight needles. Interesting isn’t it?

x ❤ x


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