Little Socks…

Been two days, and the socks have been going well. The wool was really nice to work with, the pattern was really easy to be followed. Apart from the sporadic sniffles every now and then, I enjoyed making this.

I mean, no fiddling with four or five DPNs? No fiddling with stitch holder? Heel flap and gusset is done at the same time? No picking up stitches? This must be the easiest sock pattern I could ever find. But then… I started to lost interest in this sock. Not because of it wasn’t challenging enough, or that I got bored. But because of.. THIS,


Can you see what I see? Yes. Holes.

Because of the way the heel flap and gusset was done, it creates holes. If you want to see it as a part of the design, be my guest. I know some designs deliberately utilise holes as part of their design. But these holes aren’t deliberate. And I don’t like the holes.

But I carried on, of course. I just wanted to see how it finished.


Now it doesn’t look appealing at all isn’t it? Another thing that I found slightly awkward is the toe part. It looks really pointy, but it probably looks better later when it is sewn together. But I should do it later because if I sew it now, there is possibility that I would never finish the second sock.

Apparently Second Sock Syndrome is real. I am not taking my chance.


x ❤ x


6 thoughts on “Little Socks…

  1. Keep going;-). You’ll get it there…and I challenge you to try it with holes. I use holes for two reasons-1) I like open work socks, you can wear them when it’s a little warmer out; 2) Sometimes I work with two colors(my work requires all black socks and my dear boyfriend bought me black and cream yarn to keep the bottoms of my feet comfortable. Besides, it will likely be covered by a shoe;-). I do somewhat like knitting from the toes…but I hate sewing(and use two circulars for that–for now) and I am used to dpns. Good luck!

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