Little Reminder…

Knitting the second one was much easier this time. It is unusual for me, because when I knit jumpers, the second sleeves (the last part of the project) was usually the hardest. Somehow, probably because the (not) difficulty level of the project itself, and because I was more or less distracted by lots and lots of SVU, it was done in no time at all.

But then, I remembered one thing. One thing that I should have thought before I even started the project.

I don’t like sewing, do I?


Yes I know I have to work on my mattress stitch by practising more. But seriously… sewing up after knitting is just… eeurgh.

The fact that the yarn was really dusty and smelly — and that I hate holding it so close to my face didn’t help either. I wonder if it is possible to wash the yarn before I knit it… It is ruining all the fun of knitting, isn’t it?

But I persevere. I thought. It could be a good thing. After all, I do want to learn how to sew, don’t I? So why not start small from this?


Tada! Another finished project of the year. It doesn’t look bad at all. Yes, the toe is still bit too pointy for my liking, and the holes are still there, but they are quite promising as a pair of socks.

So I wash them. Lightly. Because I am not sure what the yarn is made of (wool or acrylic) — can anyone tell me how to know it if I got them without all the labels and things? Cold water, baby shampoo, I could be wrong, but that’s how I do my make up brushes. And I do my make brushes very carefully.

The water was practically blackened, and I could feels the socks get softer in my hand. Don’t worry. I know, no wringing, only squishing. That’s what I did. Twice. It was really dirty.


Final verdict?

  1. It fits nicely, being one size for all. My size is UK 5, or EU 38.
  2. The toe bits doesn’t look awkward at all once you wear it.
  3. The holes are still there, but it wasn’t too prominent when you wear it. It might be covered when you wear shoes or ankle high boots.
  4. One thing I didn’t count on was the seam. You could feel it under your feet everytime. It could be uncomfortable but since I haven’t worn it that long, I couldn’t say more than that.

Whether I like it or not?

Uhm… I don’t know…


x ❤ x



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