I am still catching up with my cross stitch project. It is still doing really slow. I think I kept over thinking when I am stitching. I found myself staring at the pattern for a very long time thinking of which colour I should have done first. You don’t know how time consuming that is. Or maybe you do know? Maybe you’re just like me? Taking so long to decide which colour you want to do instead of doing it right away?


Yeah. Quite surprised that this project is actually going somewhere. It looks nice isn’t it? I wish I could do it faster though, but I have to stop stitching every now and then because I should be careful with my wrist as well as my eyes.

Somehow, I do the same about knitting. I would go to ravelry, staring at patterns for so long before deciding which pattern I would like to do. I could have done something else — something that is more productive. Like actually knit something.

Something like baby booties. Or blanket.

No. Not for me. It’s for my sister. She is now 3 months pregnant, and I have half a year to create stuffs for my first ever niece/nephew. You could see how excited I am for being an aunt, don’t you?

x ❤ x


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