When You Tried To Do The Right Thing…

Like pulling the yarn from the centre of the ball instead of from the outside, and the ball of yarn said: NOPE…


It hurts.

A lot.

And the struggle… The struggle, Ladies and Gentlemen… is real. But you know what? I have to go on… Because my socks need to be done. But don’t you just hate it when it happens?


Apparently, the lacey part of the ankle was not the hardest part of this particular pattern. My problem is that this pattern wasn’t as clear or straightforward as the previous patterns I have tried. For example when it said continue in st st 2 cm, I wasn’t sure whether it means “continue until it reaches 2 cm” or “continue for another 2 cm”. That is annoying isn’t it? Especially for me, because I am a noob in knitting socks.

It just socks! Lol sorry. I had to do that..

x ❤ x


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