Whip Out The WIP

The dress. Yes, the lacy wavy one — is growing pretty quickly. Well.. quick in my standard, which is probably quite slow for a more experienced knitter. Never mind.

I really love it. It is worth taking time to ask my husband about which colour I should use for my dress. You might not know how frustrating it could be to ask such a simple question to a perfectionist-meticulous person — with an eye of a craftsman. And yes, it is quite frustrating as he would go on and on about colour combination and all…


Like I said… worth it.

P.S Maybe it will be done in time for summer 🙂 Who knows?

x ❤ x


One or Two Things About British Weather…

When you thought that Summer is coming. Or at least Spring… When you thought it would be okay to start gardening, putting your work and efforts out there…



What the bloody hell? <– can you see my frustration right there?

So… nope. Courgette is probably not happening, neither the camomile. Maybe… just maybe the blackcurrant will survive. But only time will tell…


x ❤ x

Gardening… Yes. Me.

I know… I know it is surprising. To be honest with you, this surprises me too — knowing how I behave outdoor, or how I get really freaked out around bugs and especially bees (and their more hardcore cousins like wasps, etc.) — that I like gardening.

I am not going to say as far as fun, as I am pretty picky about things that I consider fun. But, I definitely found gardening challenging, and I love challenges. One thing that I know for sure, that it challenges my patience.


Dea Strawberries

After I killed the strawberries, I have decided not to use the ready to plant kits again. It sucks. Bought a kit from QD and it just didn’t work (plus it is more expensive than buying the seeds).

But… Damn! Those seeds did take their time, didn’t they? It was such a great feeling when I saw these seedlings sprouted.

For now, I have:








Woohoo!! One day, maybe I could have free salad everyday. Who knows?

x ❤ x


Sometimes Good Things Happen…

Like when you’re trying to pull the yarn from a new ball, and it just popped smoothly. Sometimes… it’s just like that. It is as if the moon and the sun, and all the stars above were in the correct position… And things just come out right without you have to try too hard.


Like that.

Is it just me, or is it really a wonderful feeling when it happened? Maybe it’s just me exaggerating. Or maybe this happening is taken for granted by so many people. I mean, you wouldn’t think much about it, until the other outcome happens, and you would wish you have appreciated this moment.

Anyway, it is nice to be able to work on my WIP without having to struggle to pull the yarn from the ball.


This is the progress so far. I have noticed some mistakes there, but I have decided not to restart. Not because I am lazy, but… It is handmade, it is not supposed to be “perfect” like machine made — it adds to its uniqueness.

Well.. I don’t usually do that though. Usually I would unravel, and restart. But sometimes in life… we just need to carry on. Let go the past mistake, forgive ourselves, and live with the mistakes we cannot undo.

Look at me… being knit-losphical again 😀

x ❤ x

Summer… Is It Here Yet?

Lots and lots and lots of strawberries out there. While I love having them for breakfast with my yoghurt and honey (or having it in the Eton Mess), sometimes I couldn’t just finish it on time. So… I decided to make it as… cupcakes.

It surprises me that there are not that many strawberry cupcakes out there. I saw a lot of strawberry shortcake, or tart, but not cake.


It was a bit disappointing really when I saw the cake came out the oven not looking either red nor pink — because the cake batter was slightly pink, I expected something with brighter colour. Maybe next time I could use a drop of food colouring… I don’t know. Anyway… it looks brown. Just like the usual cake.

Fortunately, the buttercream icing doesn’t need colouring to make it a beautiful pale pink. It just look pretty with the flower-ish piping. Maybe next time I would add more icing sugar to make it a bit firmer too… *take notes*


And it tastes nice too… It didn’t last the weekend, if you ask me — as hubby ate them two at one sitting. Ah.. no wonder dieting in this household doesn’t work…

x<3 x

Russian Joining Yarn…

Finally, I have got the chance to try this method. I have seen it so many times on facebook groups and incredibly curious about how it could work. Well… Russian joining is a way to join yarn without knots, and it was surprisingly easy.

First, what I need to do was to sew the yarn into the yarn… If that makes sense. I ended up with a nice secure hole.








And, after bringing the other yarn inside the previous hole, do the same. I gave it a little tug, to make sure the joining is secure. You might see some extra yarn sticking up, I trimmed it carefully — not too close to the stitch.









I ended up with a slightly bulky looking yarn. Was a bit worried that it would show, especially in the lacy bit of the dress. But hey hey… It doesn’t show at all. I could see a little yarn sticking out there, but that’s all. It doesn’t affect the gauge either.


Loving this technique.

x ❤ x

New Dress Project

I think I have caught the knitting bug again. I feel incredibly productive lately, and quite happy about it. It does help me feeling less depressed with the job market around here… But I am not going to whinge about it today.

Today, I am going to start my new knitting project. A dress. The pattern is also from DROPS — as I said, they have beautiful free patterns. This time, I read the pattern first, and decided that it is less confusing than the last one. And, as an additional challenge, this one is made top to bottom.


I have never made a dress from top to bottom, and am looking forward to learn it. After all, knitting this from top to bottom also mean that it would be less/no sewing up. It does sound alluring isn’t it?

After few increases, I moved it to circular needle — mainly because I started dropping stitches as they slipped from the metal DPN (reminder: use the wooden DPN next time)… oops.. I think I moved it too early. It stretched a little. I hope it is fine.


Anyway, I wonder, how do you block this? I mean, I am not a big fan of blocking as I have small space in the house, but… seriously… how do you block this if you make the it as a whole? Does it even needs blocking at all? Hmm.. Curious..

x ❤ x