This Little Piggy… Met Lentils

Laugh all you want, but I… had never had lentils when I was in Indonesia. But Indonesia is in Asia and surely Asian people do know their lentils? No?

Apparently not.

At least not in Indonesia.

source: wikipedia

When I learned that lentil is one of the best diet food, I did my research. By research, I mean google search and asking my husband about it. My first question is: what does it taste like? Of course, it is not an easy question. Even until now — after I tasted it– I couldn’t really explain how it actually tastes.

My second question is: How do I cook it? My husband’s answer was: soup is tasty.

But I don’t want soup.

Yes, I agree that soup is nice. I like soup every now and then, but soup is not really what you call a main course, is it? You do pies, roasties, bento, etc… meal. But somehow I never consider soup as main course. So, forget soup, I googled again on how to cook lentils.

Of course after I have secretly bought a bag of lentils at the newly opened Asian supermarket at Anglia Square. And I found that lentil and rice bake is quite a popular dish among people who want to cook cheap and healthy food. So, I tried.


We liked it.

My version of rice and lentil bake: lentil and rice bake with sausage, courgette, tomato and cheese πŸ™‚

Flavourful, hearty, and nutritious. And we couldn’t get enough of it.

x<3 x



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