Frog! Frog Everywhere…

Like I said, I feel quite productive lately — jumping from one project to another. And now, I am a bit infatuated with designs from DROPS. I found them really pretty, but somehow I am not used with the instruction (or lack of) in their pattern. Although to be honest, compared to one from Gosyo, DROPS were incredibly generous.


This is my new project:


It is a cardigan. I don’t knit ones with holesΒ too often, but I found this pretty and I want to get used to charts.

The reason why I am not knitting socks, is mainly because I have offered socks to my sisters and they refused. It is much warmer in Indonesia, so they wear a different kind of socks, mostly made of cotton. Maybe after I found a nice soft fine cotton yarn, I would make a pair for them.

However… Back to my WIP, the lack of instruction means sometimes I have to interpret some of the wording. And I don’t like it, because when it is getting complicated, my lack of experience shows in the work 😦 As a result, I had to do some trial… and error.


And unravelled… I did.

Don’t you just hate it when it happens? Doesn’t it break your heart (and the same time giving you that satisfying feeling) when you had to pull that string of wool and see your work undone stitch by stitch..


x ❀ x


14 thoughts on “Frog! Frog Everywhere…

  1. I can totally relate to that title. I was bored today and just started finger knitting and then when I decided to be productive I just frogged the entire 8 inch chain I knitted haha
    Really cute cardigan though that you’re making! Too bad for lack of instruction

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    • Haha… I am not sure whether you enjoy frogging it or not because of the “haha” part. But I have to say that sometimes there is a certain kind of satisfaction when you pull a yarn to unravel it… :p

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  2. Have you used a lifeline before? I find it very valuable, especially when doing a lace pattern, which can be impossible to frog successfully (unfortunate voice of experience talking). You can google instructions for a lifeline…
    Good luck, your pattern choice looks beautiful–don’t give up!

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    • I had never heard about it before you told me. Looked it up and… that’s genius!! Thank you. Next time I need to frog, I will try using the lifeline πŸ™‚


  3. I was charting out a pattern the other day and when I found a mistake on the chart, I erased half of it, so that’s kind of like frogging. Instead of trying to find and fix the problem and messing something else up, I just started over and that actually saved a lot of time!

    PS. I love your blog name!

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  4. Hello! I have a cardigan with just the same problem. I started it literally years ago, then realised that I was knitting “yo k” every time it said “yo”… It was the first lace work I’d done, but I didn’t have the heart to frog it. You are braver than me!

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