I Have To Say I Am Glad This Is Done…

This cardigan project, I mean.

It has been a little bit troublesome since the first time I make this cardigan, and only now that I realise that it seems that it is going to be slightly too small for me. Is it time for me to go on a diet? Well… I do need to shed some pounds anyway.


So yeah. When I was making these sleeves, I knew that it the jacket is too small for me. So, I did knit these halfheartedly. I fell out of love. And, of course, again, I found some problems with the pattern.

I know that I should have read the whole pattern first before casting on. Remind me again next time that I have to read the pattern before starting a project. This one is a mistake. But hey, making mistakes is a part of learning, isn’t it? And… it gives me a chance to try on the new techniques Laura from keepingupwithlaura. The Lifeline.


It helped me a lot when I had to (again) unravel billions rows. It saved a lot of time picking up, and saved me from dropping stitches. Thank you 🙂

Well. Now that I am done with the knitting bits, I am… blocking it. You know what? I’ve learned how to block from someone who came to this guest too. See, it is great to have a blog like this. I have got a lot of people coming and generously advising me with knitting tips. I hope one day I would be able to be as great as these people that I could share my expertise to fellow knitters and crocheters.



I’ll be back when the blocking is done, and lets hope it is not too small for me. *fingers crossed*

x ❤ x


3 thoughts on “I Have To Say I Am Glad This Is Done…

  1. Hi fellow knitter! It’s so nice to meet you. I am a nubie knitter, by the way. Would you please suggest any website where I can learn online about knitting and to get free pattern (beside ravelry.com)? Thank you, I like your cardigan and like to knit one someday.

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    • Hi there.. to be honest most of my free patterns are from ravelry too, so I cannot suggest any better. I learned most techniques from books and youtube, but I found http://newstitchaday.com/ also helpful.
      Thank you for liking my cardigan:) YOu will definitely make one soon 🙂


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