New Dress Project

I think I have caught the knitting bug again. I feel incredibly productive lately, and quite happy about it. It does help me feeling less depressed with the job market around here… But I am not going to whinge about it today.

Today, I am going to start my new knitting project. A dress. The pattern is also from DROPS — as I said, they have beautiful free patterns. This time, I read the pattern first, and decided that it is less confusing than the last one. And, as an additional challenge, this one is made top to bottom.


I have never made a dress from top to bottom, and am looking forward to learn it. After all, knitting this from top to bottom also mean that it would be less/no sewing up. It does sound alluring isn’t it?

After few increases, I moved it to circular needle — mainly because I started dropping stitches as they slipped from the metal DPN (reminder: use the wooden DPN next time)… oops.. I think I moved it too early. It stretched a little. I hope it is fine.


Anyway, I wonder, how do you block this? I mean, I am not a big fan of blocking as I have small space in the house, but… seriously… how do you block this if you make the it as a whole? Does it even needs blocking at all? Hmm.. Curious..

x ā¤ x

9 thoughts on “New Dress Project

  1. Hello, please share the completed dress. It looks dainty and the deals at drops and the free patterns. Block flat. It will relax the yarn. I always block. Well, unless I’m using a polyester yarn, which is rare.
    Happy knitting.

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