Russian Joining Yarn…

Finally, I have got the chance to try this method. I have seen it so many times on facebook groups and incredibly curious about how it could work. Well… Russian joining is a way to join yarn without knots, and it was surprisingly easy.

First, what I need to do was to sew the yarn into the yarn… If that makes sense. I ended up with a nice secure hole.








And, after bringing the other yarn inside the previous hole, do the same. I gave it a little tug, to make sure the joining is secure. You might see some extra yarn sticking up, I trimmed it carefully — not too close to the stitch.









I ended up with a slightly bulky looking yarn. Was a bit worried that it would show, especially in the lacy bit of the dress. But hey hey… It doesn’t show at all. I could see a little yarn sticking out there, but that’s all. It doesn’t affect the gauge either.


Loving this technique.

x ❤ x

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