Gardening… Yes. Me.

I know… I know it is surprising. To be honest with you, this surprises me too — knowing how I behave outdoor, or how I get really freaked out around bugs and especially bees (and their more hardcore cousins like wasps, etc.) — that I like gardening.

I am not going to say as far as fun, as I am pretty picky about things that I consider fun. But, I definitely found gardening challenging, and I love challenges. One thing that I know for sure, that it challenges my patience.


Dea Strawberries

After I killed the strawberries, I have decided not to use the ready to plant kits again. It sucks. Bought a kit from QD and it just didn’t work (plus it is more expensive than buying the seeds).

But… Damn! Those seeds did take their time, didn’t they? It was such a great feeling when I saw these seedlings sprouted.

For now, I have:








Woohoo!! One day, maybe I could have free salad everyday. Who knows?

x ❤ x



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