Last Spurt WIP

It is true that I haven’t been posting my WIP for a very long time. Not that I am delaying anything — not like that, of course. Not that I’ve been out of focus, or spending most time outside in the city under the warm spring sun… No. Not me. Truth is that I had to buy that DMC cotton floss number 552 before I could continue on this particular project.

So, since I have got them now, no more excuse. Here it is:


It is getting easier by the day though — using evenweave. I know I still make a bit of miscounting but I hope it is not too visible. I am loving the design and the colour though… I think I made a good decision changing the red and pink to purple gradation. However, the white embroidery and the fabric doesn’t have enough contrast. I worry that it won’t pop out nicely.

Should I backstitch them? There is no backstitch in the original pattern though… but should I?


Completely random “voodoo doll pin cushion” photo — my stitching companion.

Now what I need to do is to find out the exact date so that I could finish it. One thing done 🙂

*patting myself in the back*

x ❤ x


Let’s Have A Walk In The City

I’ve been going out a lot lately. Blame it on the sunny spells, and warm temperature outside. It was great to get a lot of fresh air while walking around the city. But, you know what I love the most about walking around Norwich is?

The city itself.


Norwich is not a metropolitan city, but it is a city indeed — and a well balanced one. It is busy and bustling in the centre — the open market, the forum, the malls. It is green and relaxing too — the riverside walk, county forest, the park. It is academic — two big universities — UEA and NUA. And it is historical too — the castle, stranger’s hall, the two cathedrals.

One corner you are a part of the busy shopping centre, and next time you know it, you are in Elm Hill’s cobblestone’s little alley enjoying a quiet walk. Or, one minute you and your friends were having a nice cuppa in a hip café in St. Benedicts, and on your way home you found this little hidden gem of the city.


People say that Norwich is small. But as my husband put it, it is a wonderland. You don’t realise it, but once you’re there, you don’t think you want to leave. You don’t know if you can find anywhere as fine, as Norwich — the fine city 😀

Sounds like a review of some sort isn’t it? It is not. I was out and suddenly reminded of why and how I ended up here after studying in UEA 4 years ago. 4 years! Time does fly, doesn’t it?

x ❤ x

Accident Happens…

It does, you know?

Of course you know. You might have experienced one too. Sometimes the mug just doesn’t sit right and spilled all over your leg, sometimes.. *gasp* all over your WIP. Sometimes you dropped your phone from your pocket and the screen cracked, sometimes… *gasp* you dropped it when you were in the city and you would never see that phone again (and those naked photos you took with it) again (unless the naked photos found their way to the internet… — double whammy).

Sometimes, like what happened yesterday, I was chopping the vegetables as I was going to try the new cottage pie recipe (with butternut squash — instead of potato). I was being really careful, knowing that particular cleaver my dad gave me as a gift (what a dad!) was not only big and powerful, but somehow sharp too…

And it slipped from the carrot to my left ring finger…  nail. If it wasn’t because nail was one of the hardest surface in my body, i might have lost the tip of my finger. However it still had done some damage. Cleaver chopped through my nail a little, and it bleed from under the nail…

Now. Was your reaction:

a) OUCH!!
Well.. congratulation. You are normal. You have the sensitivity, and also empathy to someone who are in pain. You are most likely not a psychopath, and probably even a decent human being. Now pat yourself in the back…


b) Shit man… can I see the photo?
Dude! What’s wrong with you? I was bleeding and the last thing I can think of is taking any bloody photo. Not cool… “But without photo how do I know you’re telling me the truth?”. Well, tough shit because you can only have my word for it.

x ❤ x

*) in pain and particularly grumpy.

Aida VS Evenweave

Yes, yes… I know that you have got plenty of these around the internet, but this is my personal take on evenweave fabric.

This is the first time I tried working on evenweave, and so far it is not too bad. My main problem is the counting side of it. I missed some and although it is not quite visible in the work, I know there are mistakes.


Frogging is… well, both easier and harder to do. It is easier because the fabric material is really soft and it makes the thread much easier to slide in and out. But it is difficult because once the thread is tangled, it is much more difficult to frog as it seems as if I am going to rip the fabric altogether.

The overall look is better in evenweave, the colour, and the vintage feeling of it makes it really awesome for this particular project. However without the hoop (loop? that frame thingy basically…) it is so easy to pull the thread too hard and skew the fabric. Aida fabrics that i have worked with in the past are more robust and I could work without using hoops or frames — which means it is easier for me to move from one part of the project to the other end without having to move the frame.

Anyway… So far, I like working with evenweave, but maybe I am not yet fully converted. Maybe if I could find a better material that has the robustness of aida, and easier to count, I would like evenweave better…

What do you think?

x ❤ x


Oh! Wow!!

I would never thought it would ever happen. I mean, my humble little blog has 100 followers? Now that’s huge.

It is an honour for me, and I would love to use this opportunity to say thank you for you. I know I could be a little bit lazy every now and then, and sometimes posting something that is quite random and… you know… meaningless.

But I am happy that you are here with me. It is like having a lot of friends, although we haven’t seen each other 🙂 So…

x ❤ x

No Kit, What!??

There is always a first for everything. I mean, everything. Especially if you are a noob, you will have so many firsts, and they are good. Firsts means you are pushing the limit, and sailing the uncharted territories (am I using the correct expression here?). Anyway…

This time, I am going to start a new cross stitch project. The catch is: “it is not from a kit”.


Some people might react with “so what?”. For me it is something new. And “new” is terrifying. With kits you have your thread organised, you don’t go looking for different colour, and most of all you don’t need to provide your own materials. Basically when you do kits, you don’t need to worry about the supplies — they do it for you.

The pattern is from a magazine I bought from charity shop. I love charity shop hopping, as not only the money will go for a good cause, and it is one of the most wonderful way to recycle unwanted stuff, it is also a great source for bargain stuff.

It was lovely pattern, and I thought if I could finish it before the end of the month, I might be able to make it as the wedding gift for my sister. It looks more suitable than the previous FO I madeimg_0479

I got the floss from Amazon here. It is a bargain really.

And the even weave. EVENWEAVE! Never used that before in my life… another first for me. I got it also from charity shop hopping. Actually, I was going to use Aida my mum bought me from Indonesia not so long time ago. But I think the quality of the fabric is extremely poor, and it almost unworkable, especially with my noob skill.

I was thinking of making it as something else, but… Oh well. I will talk about that fabric later.


This project should be done in red, but since my sister loves purple, I modify the colour a little, and it does look alright.

Doesn’t it?

x ❤ x

Just When You See The Spring is Back…

I mean, I have always been warned that in England especially you cannot always expect that Spring would be like… Spring. It wouldn’t always be sun and light breeze with occasional shower that water your garden gently. No. It is not like that here. It is summery hot in one day and then the temperature would bungee jump to one digit.

My mama says that the weather in England is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get. Unless you read the back of the box which tells you what it is — or in this case you listen to the weatherman or weatherwoman on telly.


Look how patchy it is?

Anyway the Spring is back for a moment after a few days of gloomy days — when it rains a lot so I didn’t check my garden to water it. So when the sun was out, I checked my lettuce, tomatoes, pak choy and… What the hell?!!? SOME of my young plants are gone.



It is not so difficult to know who the culprit was as that little bastard left a fresh trail of evidence. SNAILS! Apparently when it was dark and rainy, they made a salad party in my backyard! If they’re not too small or too few, I might just catch them, clean them up and cook them — maybe they would taste like my tomato — that that ate. Grr…


Norwich in Pink


But oh well. You cannot be grumpy for too long when it was sunny, could you? I mean really…. I took a walk and everything was pretty and colourful. You cannot really radiate any negativity from yourself, can you? It seems like everything looks extremely beautiful you just want to be a part of it.

Don’t you?

x ❤ x