Yay! I Have A Finished…


Whatever. I am still learning those abbreviations. Why do we crafters need to make them? I am not sure. Some abbreviations are cute like SABLE or WIP, or even UFO. But anyway…

Finally. I finished my dress.


The sleeves were the most fiddly ones. I am not too keen on it.

I thought I would be happy with the no sewing part of this project, but when it finished I felt something missing. I was looking at my sad sewing needles and they looked back at me and asked me why they were unwanted. It broke my heart. So I used them to seam the extra yarn in (where I made the cast on and colour change).


Following some wise advices, I blocked it flat. I think I was blocking it flat. Unless I misunderstood what “blocking it flat” means. The yarn was so elastic it is difficult to get it right though 😦

But here you go. After blocking. Apologise for horrible photo. I don’t have a better photographer than my husband, and a better model than myself. I offered my husband to change role with me as I am a better photographer and he is a better model, but he refused. Maybe it’s because of the colour of the dress.


But hey…

I have a finish!!

x ❤ x


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