Finally It is Finished…. Sort Of…

One thing I like about cross stitching is… the cross stitching bit. Using colourful floss like drawing in pixels in an aida canvas. It is really satisfying when I pull the thread and not having to frog.

When finally every bit of squares that need to be stitched has been done, there is a sense of achievement. Like something has been done. Or finished. Like this:


But not really.

With every cross stitching done, there’s back stitching waiting. And I hate back stitching. Unlike cross stitching it is stressful.

I had to look up at the pattern back and forth. The holes are now invisible, and I would accidentally jabbed the stitches instead of the holes.


This particular pattern demands lots of back stitching. I really hope that would be worth all this misery…

x ❤ x


12 thoughts on “Finally It is Finished…. Sort Of…

  1. I hate the back stitching too. I love the cross stitching and seeing a blank canvas become a beautiful picture. But working through the back stitching is extremly stessfull, I’m always worried I’m going to make a mistake and its not going to look right. I’m hoping that your piece turns out great after you finish all the back stitching.

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