No Kit, What!??

There is always a first for everything. I mean, everything. Especially if you are a noob, you will have so many firsts, and they are good. Firsts means you are pushing the limit, and sailing the uncharted territories (am I using the correct expression here?). Anyway…

This time, I am going to start a new cross stitch project. The catch is: “it is not from a kit”.


Some people might react with “so what?”. For me it is something new. And “new” is terrifying. With kits you have your thread organised, you don’t go looking for different colour, and most of all you don’t need to provide your own materials. Basically when you do kits, you don’t need to worry about the supplies — they do it for you.

The pattern is from a magazine I bought from charity shop. I love charity shop hopping, as not only the money will go for a good cause, and it is one of the most wonderful way to recycle unwanted stuff, it is also a great source for bargain stuff.

It was lovely pattern, and I thought if I could finish it before the end of the month, I might be able to make it as the wedding gift for my sister. It looks more suitable than the previous FO I madeimg_0479

I got the floss from Amazon here. It is a bargain really.

And the even weave. EVENWEAVE! Never used that before in my life… another first for me. I got it also from charity shop hopping. Actually, I was going to use Aida my mum bought me from Indonesia not so long time ago. But I think the quality of the fabric is extremely poor, and it almost unworkable, especially with my noob skill.

I was thinking of making it as something else, but… Oh well. I will talk about that fabric later.


This project should be done in red, but since my sister loves purple, I modify the colour a little, and it does look alright.

Doesn’t it?

x ❤ x

8 thoughts on “No Kit, What!??

    • I think I know the embroidery with ribbons. My mum did it and showed me once. Was really cool and incredibly interesting… but it would be a bit expensive for me to start on that… Unfortunately 😦

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