Aida VS Evenweave

Yes, yes… I know that you have got plenty of these around the internet, but this is my personal take on evenweave fabric.

This is the first time I tried working on evenweave, and so far it is not too bad. My main problem is the counting side of it. I missed some and although it is not quite visible in the work, I know there are mistakes.


Frogging is… well, both easier and harder to do. It is easier because the fabric material is really soft and it makes the thread much easier to slide in and out. But it is difficult because once the thread is tangled, it is much more difficult to frog as it seems as if I am going to rip the fabric altogether.

The overall look is better in evenweave, the colour, and the vintage feeling of it makes it really awesome for this particular project. However without the hoop (loop? that frame thingy basically…) it is so easy to pull the thread too hard and skew the fabric. Aida fabrics that i have worked with in the past are more robust and I could work without using hoops or frames — which means it is easier for me to move from one part of the project to the other end without having to move the frame.

Anyway… So far, I like working with evenweave, but maybe I am not yet fully converted. Maybe if I could find a better material that has the robustness of aida, and easier to count, I would like evenweave better…

What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Aida VS Evenweave

  1. I mostly use linens at the moment, pretty much because I can buy it by the metre from my local fabric shop, which is cheaper than Aida. Counting can be an issue though. Still have a stash of Aida for when I’m not in the mood for concentrating quite so much.
    Also – love the purples of your stitching. So pretty!

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    • I have never tried linen before. Would love to try it though…
      And thank you… Purple is my sister’s favourite colour, and I thought it would be nice to stitch it for her πŸ™‚

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  2. Violet says:

    I used Aida when I was a beginning stitcher, but now I always use evenweave for the beautiful/professional look it gives. Now I can’t go back. Never, ever attempt to use evenweave without a hoop though…as you noted, it will be a disaster of skewed fabric. It is also essential to get good magnifying glasses for even weave…I wear a pair of strong bifocals glasses over my regular glasses (by gawd, the double glasses look is super sexxxxy!). If you like a stiffer fabric like aida you might want to try punched paper as well. I’ve made some refrigerator magnets and Xmas tree ornaments that were surprisingly fun to do and look cute with the punched paper (which is the easiest thing to work on ever!).

    Here are examples of a punched paper projects:

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  3. After finally conceding that I need reading glasses to make fewer mistakes in my stitching, I pretty much only use evenweave and linen. I think it just makes a nicer looking finish. That said, I still have a huge Aida stash and use that when I need a stronger fabric, like for a bookmark or ornament.

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    • Hmm… I have never tried linen :0 And I agree evenweave makes a better looking finished than Aida, so I definitely need more and more practice before get used to different way of counting.. ❀


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