Accident Happens…

It does, you know?

Of course you know. You might have experienced one too. Sometimes the mug just doesn’t sit right and spilled all over your leg, sometimes.. *gasp* all over your WIP. Sometimes you dropped your phone from your pocket and the screen cracked, sometimes… *gasp* you dropped it when you were in the city and you would never see that phone again (and those naked photos you took with it) again (unless the naked photos found their way to the internet… — double whammy).

Sometimes, like what happened yesterday, I was chopping the vegetables as I was going to try the new cottage pie recipe (with butternut squash — instead of potato). I was being really careful, knowing that particular cleaver my dad gave me as a gift (what a dad!) was not only big and powerful, but somehow sharp too…

And it slipped from the carrot to my left ring finger…  nail. If it wasn’t because nail was one of the hardest surface in my body, i might have lost the tip of my finger. However it still had done some damage. Cleaver chopped through my nail a little, and it bleed from under the nail…

Now. Was your reaction:

a) OUCH!!
Well.. congratulation. You are normal. You have the sensitivity, and also empathy to someone who are in pain. You are most likely not a psychopath, and probably even a decent human being. Now pat yourself in the back…


b) Shit man… can I see the photo?
Dude! What’s wrong with you? I was bleeding and the last thing I can think of is taking any bloody photo. Not cool… “But without photo how do I know you’re telling me the truth?”. Well, tough shit because you can only have my word for it.

x ❤ x

*) in pain and particularly grumpy.


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