Last Spurt WIP

It is true that I haven’t been posting my WIP for a very long time. Not that I am delaying anything — not like that, of course. Not that I’ve been out of focus, or spending most time outside in the city under the warm spring sun… No. Not me. Truth is that I had to buy that DMC cotton floss number 552 before I could continue on this particular project.

So, since I have got them now, no more excuse. Here it is:


It is getting easier by the day though — using evenweave. I know I still make a bit of miscounting but I hope it is not too visible. I am loving the design and the colour though… I think I made a good decision changing the red and pink to purple gradation. However, the white embroidery and the fabric doesn’t have enough contrast. I worry that it won’t pop out nicely.

Should I backstitch them? There is no backstitch in the original pattern though… but should I?


Completely random “voodoo doll pin cushion” photo — my stitching companion.

Now what I need to do is to find out the exact date so that I could finish it. One thing done 🙂

*patting myself in the back*

x ❤ x


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