Our Family Is Getting Bigger…

I am not sure if I have told you that I am going to be an aunt in about three months. It is exciting,  but at the same time feels like an emotional roller coaster for me.


Not that I want a baby or anything like that. I am quite happy with my family of two, but I have seen my dad’s face gleamed with happiness when my sister told him that she was pregnant. I am still haunted with the feeling of guilt that I would never be able to give the same kind of happiness she did for him.

But enough with sad and guilt. It is not my fault. I can only hope that one day my father would get over the fact that he might never be able to have a mixed race grandchildren. Now, though… time for celebration 😀


My sister is having a baby, and the doc said it is going to be a baby girl! So… I am making this oh-so-cute converse baby booties pattern I found from ravelry.

The pattern is not suitable for me though. I could make a pair — in the end, but I ended up with another pair of wonky ones that my husband decided would look cute as a car decoration. He might send a wrong message to people who see it from our car window, but he wouldn’t care.


Even the second pair were slightly wonky too. I am not sure how I did it wrong. Maybe because I used double baby yarn for the sole instead of worsted weight as mentioned in the pattern? Or baby yarn instead of DK yarn? I am not sure about the difference in yarn weight — I found swatch and gauge is more confusing with crochet than with knitting.

Anyway in the end, I love it.


Oh yeah. Yellow for girl? Why not?

Yellow is my sister’s favourite colour (other sister — I have two. One loves purple, the other one likes yellow). And it is not gender biased. And yellow is bright and cheerful. And it does look incredibly cute, don’t you think?

x ❤ x


7 thoughts on “Our Family Is Getting Bigger…

  1. The shoes are adorable. 🙂
    I, too, wish all colors were neutral. I took my younger two out one day with the boy in pink shoes (with his long hair) and the girl in a hand-me-down brown and green outfit. I just didn’t bother to correct the strangers who used the wrong pronouns.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah you are awesome. I think children should be allowed to choose their favourite colour without being told that it is girly or boyish 🙂 xx


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