My First Ever Harvest

It is definitely worth a celebration. My little vertical garden is now start producing. Not much, obviously — as I am just started as a gardener (wow! Can I call myself that?) not so long time ago.


Oh wait… Haven’t I told you what I just harvested? It is the lettuce.

Yes. I know the lettuce looks a bit weird. But it is my fault for not doing a lot of research before doing the lettuce. Basically I just put a whole lot of seed in a hole, and now they are crammed in one pot. I tried to separate them, but apparently I couldn’t do that without killing them.

Oh well, so I could have baby lettuce leaf, and it would be as tasty as any other lettuce. Salad leaf. That’s it.



I was so happy. And so was my husband who ate some of the lettuce leaf with his sandwich for his pack lunch. Ahh!! Excited…

x ❀ x


6 thoughts on “My First Ever Harvest

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ it would be great if the garden would be able to feed us daily. But we don’t have space, and vertical garden as awesome as it is can’t produce that much. But you’re right– the sense of achievement is priceless πŸ˜‰


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