Courghetti or Zoodle?

Yes, courgetti is probably the British version of American zoodle. Since in the UK we call this particular vegetable as courgette, and as far as I know it is called zucchini (is it the correct spelling, though? My spell check refused to acknowledge the word, unfortunately) in the US.

I have heard about it and have noticed the trend of people making courgetti to substitute pasta in their pasta recipe. An interesting idea… especially for someone who would like to reduce the calories intake like myself. But of course, I don’t have the spiraliser — the almighty tool that allegedly could turn everything to noodle-like shape.

I said “allegedly” because I haven’t got them myself. And I am so overly jealous with people who have it. Please don’t flaunt your magical kitchen tool in front of me — I am offended. (Why not? People could get offended by the silliest thing in the world, couldn’t they?)

So, after postponing the courgetti for months, I decided to go on anyway. Google “how to make courgetti without spiraliser”, and youtube is your friend again. A bit of a chore really, especially I don’t have the knife skill of the kitchen goddess I thought I was. And was it worth all the trouble?




Not really.

I have never had problem eating vegetables. I don’t need to hide or disguise the vegetables into a pasta to enjoy it. It might be a good idea if you have a child who is a picky eater. But for someone who could enjoy vegetable as it is… well, it is a bit of a chore really.

Would it be a good replacement for pasta? Definitely. But I don’t need to eat pasta anyway. Spaghetti shaped courgette tastes the same with cube shaped courgette — delicious, by the way. If I chop it and cook it as I would do pasta… I mean, what’s stopping me?


Maybe one day, when I have bought my awesome spiraliser (or mandolin, even), I might make these thing again… just for the sake of variation. But until then, I would be having cube shaped courgette.

Anyway… have you tried this?

x ❤ x


10 thoughts on “Courghetti or Zoodle?

  1. I bought (and got rid of) lots of fancy equipment when young… and now have a high quality knife. I admit I want a vegetable noodle maker too. I think they make a pretty stir fry. I do make “matchsticks” with the old knife.

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    • Knife skill is something that I need to work on too… As I am always in awe looking at chefs doing their chopping and dicing on cooking shows xx


    • Hi Ginny. Thank you, I really like courgette, I think they’re one of the tastiest vegetables and very versatile too… an I agree, spiraliser could be a great way to be creative with vegetables. Anyway, you could find how to make zoodles without spiraliser on youtube. It takes more effort, but awesome nevertheless 🙂 ❤

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