The First Bloom

Have I told you that I have never grown anything before in my life. When I was studying at UEA, I might have one pot plant that survives about three months, but that doesn’t count. I mean, I didn’t grow it, I just kept it for a while, until it finally died on me.

My lettuce was definitely my first gardening achievement. But flowers…

This is too awesome.


I mean… I didn’t get gardening before. My mum has her own orchid garden in Indonesia, but I was never interested in knowing anything about it before. Now that I have a garden (albeit small), I can understand the appeal. It is quite magical really…

Oh… that little white flower is the first flower I have grown. It is camomile. Don’t ask me what kind of camomile it was because I grew it from teabags of Morisson’s camomile tea which I have never drunk — I did once, and that’s enough for me to decide that I quite hate it.

Okay. Stop talking about hate. Spread the love.

Talking about spreading love and all. Do you think you could help me with this? This is not a quiz, it is just me being a confused noob gardener.


This. What is this?

I planted this weeks ago, and when it grew I started to realise that I have planted so many things in similar looking pots. And I didn’t label any of those. Eek!! Now that it has grown, I just… don’t know what that is. I might do this a lot in near future. But just in case there is an expert gardener out there who has seen something like this, could you please tell me what this is? Please?

x ❤ x


7 thoughts on “The First Bloom

    • unfortunately i haven’t been planting carrots 🙂 However it MIGHT be Nigella foliage. All we need to do is to wait until we can see the flower 🙂


  1. OcianeKnits says:

    Hey 🙂 I’m not expert but it might look like a variety of carrots? I don’t know if you even planted carrots though. Try pulling just one out from the root and seeing. If it is a carrot you’ll have a mini carrot at the root. And if it is carrot, you’ll need to pull many out to give them space to grow. Let me know, I’m curious!

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