About Time….

To start a new project.

Having done stuff for my sisters, it is time to start making things for myself again. Yes, true I have a brother too, and I will make something for him soon. Graduation gift or something like that? Hm…

Anyway. I am making a pair of socks for me again.


And this time I am doing a Rowan’s pattern, and do it in pink — one of my favourite colours. Just to be clear, I like pink not because I am a girl. Pink has grown in me after I went to university.

I used to hate pink because I was made to wear it all the time when I was much younger. I used to associate pink with… you know discrimination, misogyny, etc. But to be honest with you, one day I just realised that pink is just a shade of colour. And it is pretty too. I can’t discriminate pink just because the way it was used to oppress me when I was young.

Anyway… New project! Yay!

x ❤ x

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