New Skill Learned: Grafting

This is not my first time knitting socks, but this is the first time I do the grafting properly. Usually, i just sew them together, and… now that I know how to graft, I felt embarrassed that I didn’t do it properly. It is not that difficult really, I don’t know why I haven’t learned this much earlier.

Grafting, or Kitchener stitch is… in my noob-eye opinion– how you join pieces seamlessly. Almost like Mattress Stitch, but the main difference is that Kitchener stitch is done in an open, working stitch.


So, when I have done the toe decreasing, the tip of the toe will be open like that, and this is where we do the grafting. I found the tutorial from Knitty as the one that is easiest to follow. One from DROP design is not at all helpful.

So basically there are 4 main steps:

  1. pick the first stitch from the front needle knitwise
  2. sew the second stitch from the front needle purlwise
  3. pick the first stitch from the back needle purlwise
  4. sew the second stitch from the back needle knit wise

now that you have picked the first stitches from both needles, your second stitches has become the first stitches. You do the four steps until all of them are picked and sewn. The yarn would be loose to start with, but I tug them gently to make sure I didn’t screw the tension.


And… Tadaa!

I mean no trick here, only concentration — which I didn’t have as I was doing this while watching football match. I think I missed one or two stitches.


Ah never mind no. One down sock down — much faster that I thought it would be– I will have the chance to do better grafting on the other one.

x ❤ x


6 thoughts on “New Skill Learned: Grafting

  1. Nice work on that kitchener stitch! I’ve done it successfully before, but I can never remember how to do it the next time it needs to be done. I end up having to look it up, ha ha!
    Maybe soon it’ll stick for me so I can just do it on the fly. 😉

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