More! More Flowers!!

My garden is doing well lately. Especially after few sunny days, it seems like everything is blooming, or at least budding. The chamomiles which has bloomed last week, is now going crazy. I had to make a prop from barbecue skewer to keep them growing upwards instead of.. everywhere else.


And then, the violets. Viola? Violet?

What do you call this? I was told that it is called violet, but when I googled a bit, some call it viola. Viola tricolour. And apparently it is edible.


I have eaten so many things — coming from Indonesia where everything could be magically made into food, not much food-wise could surprise me. But eating flower? I have never done it. Extract? Yes, a bit of lavender or rose, and it gave a nice touch to desserts, but not munching the whole flower.

Is it safe? It seems too cute to be eaten.


Oh… Do you know what else is cute? Bok Choy‘s flower! I didn’t know that they would look like that. It is quite decorative apparently. I thought they were just all about edible leaves — never expected anything quite that beautiful.

You know what?

The first time I decided to garden, all I could think of is something to keep me busy, and at the same time could help with the groceries. You know, when you have a vegetable garden you could grow your own food, and… unlimited salad. But, now that I have seen flowers, I kind of understand what my dad told me earlier this month…


“It is a good thing [gardening]. It makes you happy when you see that your hard work pays…”

x ❤ x



7 thoughts on “More! More Flowers!!

  1. Bok choy does have a pretty flower:) I enjoy seeing what you are growing. When I first heard that some of the flowers in my garden are edible, I felt cautious too..they make a nice decorative touch on a salad.

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    • Thank you Janice. My bok choy is growing a bit weird now, I would google some more about it.
      Yes, I haven’t tried eating the violet though, but I think they would look pretty on cupcakes. 🙂

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