Hot Off The Needles!

With the Euro is now only broadcasted once a day, I have got more time to concentrate to the knitting. Less ripping, more knitting…


I quite like the design, although I have altered it a little. It was much longer in the pattern, but I thought it would look silly for a short girl like me to wear such long socks. The lacey cable design though, needed a lot of attention and focus, but it was definitely worth it.

Although it is quite thick, it is not too warm for summer sock, as it has holes which let some air circulation. And they’re pink. So yeah…


These are my feet modelling for the socks. I am fully aware that I am not the best model for socks, but my feet are much better than my husband hairy ones. And these one is too small for him.

The pattern is called Ice Cable Socks from Rowan, and I had it for free from their website, however I couldn’t get the link now. And, the yarn is the Robin Bonny Babe. Somehow the gauge fits.


There you go. Socks.

x ❀ x


7 thoughts on “Hot Off The Needles!

  1. Crafty Di says:

    Wow I tried circular knitting years ago and couldn’t get the hang of it……not only is your circular knitting fabulous but you have made cables aswell! They look amazing x

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    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I am using DPNs. I think DPNs are more comfortable to use than circular needles, but I can’t say for other knitters. ❀


  2. OMGosh your socks are amazing! I have never knit socks even though I’ve been knitting for 30 years. They seem to be all the rage. You and another blogger are inspiring me to try.

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